End of Day
Art Glass Beads

End of Day beads are available or can be made to order.

End of Day multi-colored Beads

End of Day beads are made from the quality glass remnants that have been collected from artistic work and projects. Only the best bits, pieces, and remnants of quality leftover glass are cleaned and sorted according to color and compatibility, then broken down further into glass frit to make these multi-colored beads. Each bead is unique, and like snowflakes, no two are ever the same.
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End of Day
all colors

eod Fireballs
rough texture

eod Fireballs

End of Day

End of Day
multi on blue

End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

  • 11 beautiful beads made of bullseye art glass.
  • Approximate size is 13mm-14mm
  • Created on a 1/16 diameter mandrel
  • evenly centered with smooth ends.
  • All beads are guaranteed to be individually handmade and thoroughly kiln-annealed.
  • choice of rough texture or glossy smooth.

    $30 per strand of 11 round beads

  • We offer 30% off the retail price with orders of $300 and higher of these End of Day beads.
  • Production output is low in the interest of maintaining a high standard of artistic quality.

    ~Please contact us for an estimated completion & delivery time~


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